Amazing Technology Turns Any Solid Surface Into Remote Control

August 10, 2015 Updated: August 10, 2015

If you’re into smart home devices, you’ll know how effortless they make the world at home seem like. We are talking about an industry which is predicted to reach $71 billion by 2018. Be it your alarm clock or your door lock or your patio lights, anything and everything you use at home is going smarter these days.

But how smart can they eventually become? When will that time of controlling your home without your smartphones come? What seems effortless now can be cumbersome at times, especially for those who aren’t versed with smartphones yet.

Should they be secluded from experiencing technology unless they get used to the world of smartphones? I don’t think so. Instead, I think all of us could do with Knocki because this is that one smart home accessory which can turn any (I mean any!) solid surface into a remote control.

Knocki – Make Any Surface Smart from Model2Web, LLC on Vimeo.

Reimagining Remote Control Like Never Before

Want to turn on your TV or set the perfect mood with your indoor lighting? Knocki will just enable you to do so with a couple of knocks to be exact. It’s the first smart device which gives you the power to control your home by using the surfaces around you.

You won’t have to reach for switches, buttons, remotes or smartphones anymore which is where lies the real catch behind using Knocki. It’s like your personal IFTTT for home where you can set up options like getting notified on your smartphone when someone knocks at the door.

Or something even more useful like calling 911 in the middle of the night by just tapping your bedside table in case of any emergency. The possibilities of putting this smart device to use is limitless and that’s why I think every home deserves a Knocki for better and smarter operation.

Simple Installation With No Wires


Setting up Knocki is pretty simple. You just have to select a solid surface, attach the elegant design on it and assign the actions via the corresponding iOS or Android app. That will then transform that surface into a super awesome remote control.

All you need to do for brewing your coffee or turning on the lamp is “knock”. You just need to have a working wi-fi at home for Knocki to perform the way you want it to.

No installations or additional wires required of any kind. The device uses 12 months of battery life and ordinary AA batteries. One Knocki can perform multiple tasks and control multiple devices but you may need more than one in order to control your entire house.

Select specific knock patterns to distinguish between the tasks by using the mobile app and you’ll be good to go.

Get Set to Make Your Home Smarter Than Before


Now I did mention earlier that Knocki is like your personal IFTTT for remote controlling your home devices. Just to be more specific, Knocki can actually connect to free online automation “recipe” tools like IFTTT so you are able to create unlimited new functions.

Knocki doesn’t rely on audio sensors so you can be sure of this device not being affected by sound. For those who are eager to know the underlying technology behind Knocki, here’s what the team has to say on the company’s FAQ page “Knocki harnesses sophisticated accelerometer algorithms combined with proprietary power budgeting logic to deliver an enjoyable and seamless experience.”

Currently available for pre-order, you can get a single Knocki starting from a price of $59. To be honest, I feel this piece of technology makes your smart home complete and gives you the power of remote control unlike anything you’ve seen or done before. Buckle up everyone, we’ve got a lot of “knocking” to do! Happy Gadgeting!

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