Amazing Footage Shows Baby Being Born Inside The Amniotic Sac

February 26, 2016 Updated: February 26, 2016

A Facebook video posted by user Jasmine Perez shows the rare instance where a baby is born while its still inside its amniotic sac.

The clip shows the newborn moving inside the sac while doctors break it, bringing the infant into the world. More than 20 million people have viewed it (WARNING: The footage might not be suitable for some viewers):

asi como cuando dicen ” nacio ENMANTILLAO” bueno… asi!

Posted by Jasmine Perez on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The amniotic sac is a bag of fluid that develops inside a pregnant woman’s womb. It contains and protects the fetus.

Commonly called the “bag of waters,” the sac ruptures when a woman goes into labor, causing the woman’s “water to break” as fluid rushes out. However, in rare cases, or 1 in 80,000 births, this doesn’t happen. Doctors or midwifes then have to break the sac open, as this video shows.