Amanda Abbington Sherlock Appearance Inspires ‘Beautiful Tweets’

January 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Amanda Abbington’s appearance in Sherlock inspired “beautiful tweets” from her fans.

The actress said via Twitter: “Thank you for all those beautiful tweets!”

“I’m overwhelmed,” she added.” I’m so happy you enjoyed Sherlock.”

Hundreds of people took to the social media service to tell Abbington that she was great as Mary Morstan, John Watson’s new wife. Watson is played by her real-life partner, Martin Freeman.

“Mary is so lovely as are you, it was such a good episode,” said Ellie Hall.

“Lovely stuff, you were fab!” added Steve White.

She recently said that Mary is a complex character to play, with Sherlock already having a woman in his head already.

“I think [Sherlock] respects Mary and she demands respect as well,” she said, reported the Daily Mirror. “I think she is a very strong female character. Which is good.”

Sherlock’s season 3 premiere was well-received, and the season continues on January 5.



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