Alok Nath: Jokes About Nath Trend on Twitter, Make Nath Happy

January 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Alok Nath has responded to jokes being made about his role in serials, as well as some about his family, including his wife, daughter, and sister, saying he’s “happy that people are spending time” creating the jokes.

“I am taking the entire thing very positively and in fact enjoying the attention,” he told the Times of India. “I have suddenly become very very very important person.”

The flood of jokes led to Alok Nath trending on Twitter.

They included purely word jokes as well as memes, or words plastered onto pictures of Nath.

Alok Nath Becomes Internet Sensation [Facebook/alokmemes]


The jokes have gained serious traction on Facebook as well.

“I think the whole trend started as some movie of mine was aired on Sunday,” Nath said. “But I am happy that suddenly people have started considering me in some or the other way.”

Nath has appeared in a range of films and television series, including Bunyyaad, Maine Pyar Kiya, and Taal.

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