Almost Human Season 1 Finale: Spoilers and Promo Trailer for Episode 8

January 13, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Almost Human season 1 has its finale on Fox on Monday night at 8 p.m. ET.

In the show’s last episode, “Simon Says,” the squad dealt with the after-effects of a solar flare, including low power for charging the androids.

Detective Paul Kennex is in charge of power rationing. He gets punched by Dorian, who is angry that Paul is giving the MX androids priority charging over him. But Dorian apologizes, saying his emotions are frayed because he has barely half a charge left. Paul orders him to go get coffee.

Ramon is abducted and forced to rob a bank. He dies. Kennex and Dorian, who were chasing him, vow to find the culprit. Back at the station, Detective Stahl tells Captain Maldanado that the unknown villain who kidnapped Ramon was broadcasting the events live on the darknet, an “uncontrolled part of the Internet.”

Kennex discusses potential concerns with Dorian’s mood swings with Ramon, who finds a message from the villain saying that the next victim will be a woman, Jeannie Hartman, and only Kennex and Dorian can save her. They rush to a park where she has a bomb strapped to her neck, and find out that she knows the villain as a man named Simon. After going on a date with him, she went online and warned women to stay away from him. Kennex ends up saving her and killing Simon. 

This week, episode 8 will have Dennex and Dorian investigating a crime scne that involves a self-guided bullet that can track, target, and kill specific people at any moment.

Also, Maldonado revisits the deadly ambush that almost killed Kennex, and that Kennex believes may have been perpetuated by someone within the force.

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