Video: Florida Man Subdues and Captures 10-ft Alligator on School Lawn

April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

It was a school day in Florida few students or teachers would dare to expect. Students and teachers were shocked to find a 10-foot alligator roaming the grounds of the Geneva Classical Academy in Florida. Upon making the discovery, school administrators immediately called a professional alligator trapper to remove the animal.

The alligator struggles and tries to escape as teachers and students look on is disbelief. But the trapper has the best of it, slowly tiring out the alligator and positioning himself over it. In a quick leap, he jumps on top of its head, raises it up, and tapes its mouth shut, securing it on the ground safely and ensuring safety to the students and teachers standing nearby.

He then attaches a rope and drags the alligator up into the bed of a nearby truck, so it can be relocated into the wild, away from the school, its children, and its teachers.

It is an encounter few would expect in a typical day at school. The whole episode was captured on video by onlookers, and you just must see it to believe it. The 10-foot alligator is stunning in size.

Credit: Storyful