All of the Spirit, None of the Booze: Nonalcoholic Drinks for Any Occasion

TIMEJanuary 14, 2022

For those who choose not to imbibe alcohol to cut calories or avoid headaches, you can still enjoy a cold beer after work, an afternoon G&T, or a merlot to enhance dinner.

An Old World Brew

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Alkoholfrei

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(Courtesy of Weihenstephaner)

This wheat beer has all the aroma and zest of a traditional German brew but without the alcohol. The refreshing flavor makes it an ideal choice after playing a rousing game of soccer or just watching one on TV.

$12.99 (6-pack)

Bourbon Without the Kick

Spiritless Kentucky 74

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(Courtesy of Spiritless)

Kentucky 74 was created by a group that was unable to find a nonalcoholic bourbon and decided to make their own. It’s crafted with neutral grain spirits and charred American oak, then a reverse-distilling method removes all but 0.5 percent of the alcohol content.


As Dry as London Is Damp

Lyre’s Dry London Spirit

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(Courtesy of Lyre’s)

An afternoon gin and tonic is as traditional as Big Ben striking drinking hour, but in the case of this nonalcoholic gin alternative, it’s all about the flavor with none of the alcohol. Pepperberry provides the expected dry finish, interspersed with a hint of juniper and citrus.



Ritual Tequila Alternative

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(Courtesy of Ritual)

Margarita lovers will be yelling “Viva!” as they enjoy familiar agave, mesquite, and lime flavors with zero calories and no “morning-after” effects. Rated 98 out of a possible 100 by the Beverage Tasting Institute, customers often report a “giddy” placebo effect.


Taste of the Caribbean

Fluère Spiced Cane

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(Courtesy of Fluere)

This rum alternative is crafted from Dominican sugarcane molasses and a blend of botanicals from four continents, which are hydrosteam distilled to ensure a full, rich rum aroma and flavor. Ideal as an old-fashioned or enjoyed with cola over ice.


For the Red Wine Lovers

LePetit Chavin Merlot

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(Courtesy of Pierre Chavin)

Made by the Pierre Chavin winery in France from grapes harvested at night when the temperature is lower and sugar levels most stable, this ruby red wine is a perfect choice for steaks, cheese, salmon, or tuna. The fruity flavor is balanced yet vibrant.


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