Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Sued by Former Indian Employee

July 30, 2020 Updated: July 31, 2020

An Indian former employee filed a civil suit against Alibaba and its founder, Jack Ma, for being fired over opposition to censorship and fake news being promoted on company apps. The Indian court has summoned Alibaba and Jack Ma.

According to the court filing obtained by Reuters on July 20, civil Judge Sonia Sheokand of a district court in Gurugram has issued a summons for Alibaba, Jack Ma, and about a dozen individuals or company units, asking them to appear in court or through a lawyer on July 29. Individuals summoned are required to respond to a complaint from a former employee of Alibaba’s UC Web. This Indian employee believed that he was wrongfully terminated for opposing Alibaba’s censorship and objecting to fake news on the apps.