Alex Jones Releases Audio Clips of Pre-interview Talks With Megyn Kelly

June 16, 2017 Updated: October 5, 2018

Alex Jones, host of radio show InfoWars, has released clips of his conversations with journalist Megyn Kelly in which she convinces him to be interviewed for her NBC program.

“I’m releasing this info because @megynkelly lied about the nature of this interview. I want to set the record straight,” Jones Tweeted.

Based on the recordings, Kelly expressed a desire to do a deep profile of Jones that would portray him as a man and a father—a human being, rather than the man of controversy the media often portray him as.

“It’s not going to be some ‘gotcha’ hit piece, I promise you that,” Kelly told Jones.

Jones has been criticized in the media for discussing controversial, sometimes unverified, claims on his show.

Among the most prominent cases in which he came under fire was for his questioning of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting of 2012.

On his show, Jones presented evidence that suggested the official portrayal of the incident in the media was inaccurate or manipulated.

However, he said multiple times that his conclusion was not that the whole shooting didn’t happen. “In hindsight, I think it probably did happen,” he said in a video, where he interspersed clips of his calls with Kelly with his own commentary.

Kelly told him she may ask him about his controversies, but will not take his answers out of context and that the controversies will not be the main point of the program that will air on June 18.

Jones, however, believes the interview will still focus on his controversial claims, and said he has a recording of the whole interview so that he can set the record straight in the event that he is misrepresented.

“I was recording the whole time. From our pre-interviews, right through the interviews. We have a record of it so that you can decide for yourself what I really said and what I stood for,” he said.

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