Alaska Volcano’s New Eruption (Video)

June 4, 2014 Updated: June 4, 2014

Pavlof volcano in Alaska is erupting with a new strengh this week sending ash and smoke 24, 000 feet into the air. Volcano has been actualy erupting for years but not this intensively.


Pavlof Volcano is a stratovolcano of the Aleutian Range on the Alaska Peninsula. It has been one of the most active in the United States since 1980 with last eruption just a year ago.


Location of volcano is in very remote region of Alaska and totaly in an uninhabited part of the state. But still scientists at the Alaska valcano observatory issued “red notice”. That means that the volcano could be erupting for weeks or months to come.


People are not in real danger right now but the eruption may disrupt the regional air travel.


For this moment it is quite a big show which is even seen from the space.