Al Qaeda Magazine Calls for Lone Wolf Attacks Against American and British Airlines

December 29, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

An Al Qaeda magazine is calling for lone wolf attacks against American and British planes.

The 13th issue of Inspire, the terrorist group’s English language magazine, says that such attacks will help in its strategy to defeat the United States by attacking many facets of the society.

The magazine features step-by-step, illustrated instructions for constructing a bomb that’s both easy to make and small enough to hide.

The magazine suggests the bombs, when made, by used against U.S. commercial airliners, including American Airlines, Delta, and United. It also says attacks should be over the United States, and includes advice on the best location of planes at which to set off a bomb as well as the altitude at which to detonate the device.

If adherents aren’t able to carry out an attack on a United States airliner, the magazine says attacks should turn to British companies or French companies. 

“The first pri­or­ity and the main focus should be on Amer­ica, then the United King­dom, then France…. This goes on with the NATO countries as per the known order,” the magazine says, reported the Anti Defamation League, per the Times of Israel.

The issue, which includes articles that try to recruit outsiders, says the bombs can be hidden in a part of the body that will get past patdowns and even be undetectable by dogs, odor-detecting machines, or metal scanners. Millimeter wave scanners would detect the bomb but the magazine says they typically aren’t at airports.

The magazine also says group members should try to take down “wealthy entrepreneurs” such as Bill Gates.

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