Airbnb Welcomes de Blasio’s Friends and Family for Inauguration (+Video)

By Catherine Yang, Epoch Times
December 9, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

NEW YORK—Airbnb has released a video message to mayor-elect Bill de Blasio—who had sided against Airbnb in his campaign—welcoming him and his friends and family to stay for his inauguration. 

“I’d like to personally invite them to stay, in a real New York home with a real New Yorker,” one of the hosts said.

Hosts from Astoria, Williamsburg, and Hamilton Heights talked about how Airbnb brought people from outside New York to the outer boroughs de Blasio has said he’d like to put more focus on. 

“Our guests spend their time and money in diverse communities around the city,” one host said.

Airbnb has previously released data and touted the economic benefits the hospitality platform has contributed to the city, during a lawsuit over residential and hotel violations.

The data showed guests staying in Airbnb homes stayed longer in the city than they would have otherwise in a pricier hotel, and spent more on local businesses. 

When de Blasio sided with hotel unions to oppose to Airbnb during his campaign, members of the tech community raised concerns over his out-of-touch references to the industry. 

Numerous start ups flourished during mayor Michael Bloomberg’s time in office, and the community is watching the next mayor, concerned over how much he will focus on tech.

The tech sector became the highest private employer in 20 years according to data from Bloomberg’s office released in September.