Ahead of ‘Mass Effect 4,’ Fan Writes 500-Page Script for ‘Mass Effect 3’ Ending

January 28, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A fan of the “Mass Effect” series–unimpressed with how the third game ended–spent the past 18 months or so fixing the game’s ending.

Gerry Pugliese, the fan, rewrote the ending of “Mass Effect 3” and called it “Mass Effect 3: Vindication,” which is 539 pages long and 118,000 words. When the game came out in 2010, many gamers were left with a sour taste in their mouth over its ending.

The ending adds new missions and makes changes to the relationships in the game, reported Forbes. Pugliese also came up with a proposal for DLC and new concept art for the game. 

Forbes reported that with the work put into it, Pugliese also might be seeking a job at Bioware, the maker of the game.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” he told The Escapist website. “I’ve had multiple ‘projects’ in my life. I’m always trying to improve myself, test my metal, and show people what I can do. Give me a few months and I’ll likely be neck-deep in something else. Although, I’d prefer to give that energy to a gaming company, which by now, should be obvious.”

He said that the product is finished, but it could be revised.

“If you give me a couple more months, I could revise some things, and add more content. I would probably put stuff in that I cut. I had a revision for the Leviathan DLC where Leviathan gives Shepard a new power called ‘Reaper Domination,’ which would allow Shepard to take control of Reaper forces, a lot like Morinth’s Domination ability. I cut it because I figured that would be a weird power for a rough-and-tough Soldier character class to have,” he said.

“Mass Effect 4,” if that’s the game of the next game, is “ambitious” and “playable,” said Bioware manager Aaryn Flynn on Twitter several weeks ago. He did not offer a release date or elaborate on much else about the game.