After Florida Woman Fails to Put Car Into Park, Car Rolls Into Pool With Husband and Child Inside

March 28, 2018 Updated: March 28, 2018

A woman in Florida didn’t shift the car she had been driving into park and the car rolled into a swimming pool with her husband and child inside.

Officials said the incident happened in Okaloosa Island on Tuesday, March 27.

“New meaning to the term carpool—Mom thought she put the car in Park when she ran back into the apartment to grab money. Apparently, it didn’t go all the way into park,” the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office stated in a post on Facebook. “Husband and daughter were in the car when it went in the pool.”

The husband and child were able to escape from the vehicle and everyone was deemed “ok.”

Facebook users left various comments on the post.

“How did the husband not realize the car was still moving and they were heading toward the pool? Also, how did the wife get out of the car and not realize it was still moving? She lives in an apartment complex so it’s not like her front door is a few feet away. Something is definitely fishy here. Insurance scam or on drugs is my guess,” said one user.

“Something isn’t adding up with this. How did she not know that it wasn’t in Park all the way cause all new cars lock when you take it out of parks and unlock when you put it in park. So she had to unlock the doors herself. But I am glad no one was hurt,” said one user.

“All these people asking how the husband didn’t notice the car moving have no idea how hard it is to be a husband and a father. Give the guy a break,” said another.

“On the 2016 2017 Honda Accord the parking brake looks like a window up/down button. And it has a button that is an always on parking brake, too bad that wasn’t pressed,” said another.

“Got a video of OC’s towing pulling it out with a crane truck. They did it quickly and professionally. Lots of folks showed up for the show,” said yet another.


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