Adventure Tourism in Pan de Azúcar Uruguay

March 12, 2015 Updated: March 12, 2015

Adventure tourism is rising in popularity all over the world and Uruguay is not the exception. Every day there are more touristic packages offering adventurous activities while being in contact with nature. The “Cerro Pan de Azúcar”, 20 minutes far from Punta del Este and one hour from Montevideo, seems to be an appropriate place for activities such as canopy, rappel or trekking. Tourists will enjoy a different experience full of adrenaline.

Humans like risk, the feeling of giving everything of ourselves is unique and that’s why tourists look for options that enable them to be in touch with nature. Given the geography of the “Cerro Pan de Azúcar”, a landmark for tourism in Uruguay, this place has the right conditions of a modern Eco Adventure Tourism centre. In the Uruguayan TV show “Sálvese Quien Pueda” we were surprised about all the things you can do there, but if you want to know more about it, we will tell you all the details.

What Does Adventure Tourism in Pan de Azúcar Uruguay Includes?

Many are the options of Adventure Tourism in Pan de Azúcar, Uruguay, and they vary in intensity and risk. Nevertheless, all the activities are very safe and suitable for all ages. If you want something quiet at first, we recommend you the Trekking and Trail Running where you can walk, run and ascend the “Cerro Pan de Azúcar” while you enjoy an extraordinary view. If you adore the mystery of birds of prey don’t hesitate to do “Eco Cetrería”, through a millenary technique you will attract a bird to your fist while someone takes a picture of you. If you want something a little more intense try the “Mountain Bike & Downhill” and ride a bicycle through hills and woods while you descend through “Cerro Negro” and “Cerro Pan de Azúcar” but be careful, landscape is rough.

Some of the rappel activities available include: Rappel & Canopy, Quick Canopy and panoramic Canopy. In the first one, you will do a trekking until two lines of rappel of 110 meters long and then you will go down through one of this. The first one has a 75 degree angle and the second one is completely vertical and includes all levels of difficulty. In the panoramic canopy, the travel includes five sections and is even more exciting. ¿Do you still want more adrenaline? You can try the Superman Canopying and fly horizontally with a safety harness in the largest wire of America at a speed of 900 Km/h. The feeling of flying at such a high speed is amazing. Other good options are Kiwi Ball and Bagjump. In the Kiwi Ball you will be inside a huge ball, tie yourself and after roll downhill, loosing the notion of time and place. If you feel dizzy easily better don’t try this game but if you don’t, it would be one the funniest experiences you would ever have. Last but not least, be brave and jump in the B
agjump without helmet, harness or rope, it’s a good ending for an exhausting day.

Times, Prices and Recommendations

The “Eco Parque Aventura” opens its doors at 10 am and closes at 8 pm. If you are planning to spend your day here booking previously is fundamental. When you call you can also ask about night activities and camps. The prices vary depending on the activity, the cheapest ones like Trekking & Trail Running cost 150 pesos while the most expensive ones such as Superman Canopying cost 1000 pesos. If you register on the company’s website and add them as a friend on Facebook you will receive a 10% discount. “Eco Parque Aventura” recommend tourists to carry comfortable clothes, especially long trousers, sport shoes, caps, sunscreen and repellent.

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*Image of a lighthouse in Jose Ignacio near Punta del Este, Atlantic Coast, Uruguay via Shutterstock