Activism Gone Rouge

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
December 12, 2021 Updated: December 12, 2021

At one time in our history, activism was defined as vigorous acts taken in support of a cause through peaceful and legal means. Today, by most counts, activism has been reduced to a rite of passage for criminals to undertake acts of looting, attacks on law enforcement, and the destruction of property. Activism guided by unlawful acts is supported and indeed encouraged by social national networks, communist-leaning editorial boards, and left-wing social media. Recently, the left’s condemnation of the jury’s “not guilty verdict” in the Kyle Rittenhouse case made it clear that the left wanted no part of a peaceful resolution to this matter. Instead, they pushed the “fix was on” and that justice-was-not-reached theory. They also insisted that this was a racial issue in spite of the fact that Rittenhouse and those he defended himself against were all white.

Riots in streets are sadly nothing new to the American experience. However, what is new is the powerful concentrated effort to exploit the causes of lawlessness that permeate riots leading to death and economic destruction to the neighborhoods that house the very people rioting. Yet there seems to be no moral compass restraining the powerful left in seizing the moments to rub political salt on the wound as they (the left) sit safely in their newsrooms, far removed from the explosion of a community and perhaps a nation as well.


Joe Harpie