Across the Nation: June 16


“The thing you miss most about being president is anonymity.”

President Barack Obama said he would enjoy it if he could do anything unrecognized.



27 Million

Number of six-month-old Chinook salmon that are riding to the Pacific Ocean in tanker trucks. California’s historic drought has made the annual migration to the ocean too dangerous for juvenile salmon.



Happy Geronimo Day!

Geronimo Day is named for the Apache leader and medicine man, who was born on June 16, 1829. After eluding capture and also escaping many times, he was finally apprehended and held at Florida’s Fort Pickens. He lived to be 80 years old.



Broadcaster Casey Kasem

The smooth-voiced radio broadcaster and Radio Hall of Fame member, who became the king of the top 40 countdown, died Sunday. He was 82.



Flight Grounded Over Unruly Man

A passenger who ignored pleas to calm down spurred a pilot to divert a New York-to-Las Vegas JetBlue plane to Detroit. A passenger video shows an agitated man, while a voice exclaims, “Dad, stop it!”