Acclaimed Human Rights Attorney&#039s Wife Withdraws from the Chinese Communist Party

November 27, 2005 Updated: November 27, 2005

Both my husband and I joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) while serving in the People&#039s Liberation Army in our naive and active younger days. The army built an atmosphere in which the pressure grew increasingly more intense if a soldier didn&#039t join the CCP within three years. Everyone thought he must be a bad person. Any soldier who did not join the CCP could not walk proudly. It was in this kind of environment that I became a CCP member.

We were never concerned about doing something differently, just because we were CCP members. We never imagined that our membership might limit us in anyway, or that it might become the filthiest spot deep within our souls. As we grew older and became more aware, I refused to attend any CCP activities and haven&#039t paid party dues for the past five years. According to CCP organization regulations, I should have automatically been stricken from the membership rolls long ago, but the CCP has never officially taken any action to remove my membership. This enables them to count people like me when they justify the 70 million party membership they claim to have. Today, deep in my spirit, moral character and heart, I am no longer willing to continue in a situation that has no substance. I now officially and publicly announce: Geng Ho withdraws from the CCP.

For about eight years, both of us have seen the CCP continue to inflict shocking tragedies on countless ordinary Chinese people. Particularly in recent years, we reached our limit and could no longer bear the way the CCP publicly persecuted tens of millions of people who appealed because they could not maintain a basic standard of living due to the CCP&#039s brutality and despotism. The barbaric oppression against those who have any kind of faith, especially the brutality against the Falun Gong faith, persisted regardless of continued criticism from the civilized world, and even worse is the escalating persecution of Chinese people who know right from wrong!

The CCP has created the most evil example that permeates Chinese society in order to ensure that this evil is planted deep in people&#039s minds. Everybody knows deep down inside that this is the current situation, but the CCP still forces people to believe that the CCP is “advanced.” The “Maintaining Advancement” campaign clearly indicated to the Chinese public that the CCP is going to continue down the same old path. For eight years, my husband and I have persistently helped people who suffered barbaric persecution from the legal viewpoint of human nature. The suppression and humiliation that we have encountered in recent years is beyond words, especially since last year, because we have been consistently providing financial and spiritual assistance to those innocent Falun Gong practitioners who suffered persecution because of our appeals on their behalf. The Beijing Judiciary Bureau&#039s vice-chairman and the Beijing Bar Association&#039s chairman have been hostile to both of us and finally mistreated us publicly. Recently, we have been physically threatened with a range of extreme measures.

The “Temporary Resident Card” system is the equivalent of the evil Chinese version of a long-term “racial” isolation system. After the uproar from the entire Chinese population over the “Sun Zhigang Event,” this kind of discrimination has basically stopped in recent years. Yet, the police bureau examined the “Temporary Resident Card” of Gao&#039s entire family a few days ago. “We live in our own house that we own out-right. How can anyone absurdly live in their own house temporarily?” But the police scorned the explanation and said they would come back in a few days. Since then, more than ten plainclothes policemen follow my husband and watch our house every day; I felt deeply disappointed. The way they deal with those who are unwilling to submit meekly to persecution is to persecute them with even more barbaric and despicable means. All we did was contested their persecution against us in accordance with the law. What makes this behind-the-scenes plot even more unbelievable to the civilized world, is that the Chinese Ministry of Justice is secretly conducting a thorough investigation of my husband&#039s entire life, all his employers, his family background, and his previous conduct to collect any evidence on which they might base any wrong doings, his typical political leanings, how his obedience to the party changed and how he became a “bad element,” etc.

We are just like most decent Chinese people. It is with the deepest pain in our hearts that we face the CCP&#039s long-term abuse of our fellow countrymen, face the CCP&#039s use of their evil power to permanently wreak long-term social havoc and destroy our nation&#039s traditional values to its current status! I sever my affiliation from this CCP organization that has completely lost its rationality, beyond any form of human civilization. This is to completely remove the deep black mark the CCP embedded in my soul!

I realize that if I maintain my previous Party status, it would be contrary to our national ethics and the value of morality. In essence, it would also mean that I continue to agree with the oppressor.

Geng He

On November 16, 2005