Abandoned Cottage Reveals Old Furniture, Forgotten Memories

August 4, 2019 Updated: August 4, 2019

Photographer Toby Batchelor discovered an old cottage in Hertfordshire, U.K., and what’s inside is a portal into another world.

Called the Crooked Cottage, the owners abandoned it, and it’s remained untouched for a decade, MailOnline reported.

It was lived in by a “spinster and her father” until his death in 1971, the Mail reported. The woman then lived there for about 30 years.

Leftover items such as an old bicycle, an old oven, and family portraits remain.

“What we see is someone’s life story, left to rot in this old, run-down cottage,” Batchelor said. “There were lots of trinkets, family photos, furniture and items left behind which tell a story.”

“The house is undisturbed, with clothes hanging out of old drawers, pickled fruit jars on kitchen surfaces and records waiting to be played on the vinyl player,” as the Mail described it

The house’s moniker comes from the fact that its foundations have eroded.

“The building itself was so tiny, like something out of a film,” he said. “It had only one upstairs room and the whole building had began to be reclaimed by the elements. Locations like these don’t come up regularly and this one was kept secret for a long time.”

He didn’t provide other details, just photos.

Another ‘Time Capsule’

A so-called urban explorer filmed the moment he went inside an abandoned “time capsule” manor in France that was left untouched for about a decade.

Bob Thissen, from the Netherlands, found the 12-bedroom “hidden gem” in central France, according to the Daily Mail. It’s located in the middle of a densely forested area.

He said he believes it was abandoned in 2009 but wasn’t “updated for ages” before that.

The manor home is filled 20th-century furniture, toys, and other items.

“Normally abandoned buildings degrade very fast because they get looted and vandalized,” he told Caters News Agency. “It was a miracle to see almost nothing was changed.”

“I guess elderly people lived here and died or moved to a senior home,” he told Caters. “They probably don’t have any children or heirs, or the heirs don’t know what to do with the giant villa.”