A Veteran and Registered Democrat for Trump

March 27, 2021 Updated: March 27, 2021

Over 100 years ago, Vladimir Lenin said that the takeover of a country will be accomplished by “willing idiots who have believed the Big Lie.” Adolph Hitler’s propaganda minister, Dr. Joseph Goebbles, said, “When you tell a lie, tell a big lie because it is more believable.”

Biden and Obama did not react to the Asian flu nor the swine flu that devastated my nephew some six years ago, but Biden will cure COVID-19! That must be the next big lie, because my COVID-19 virus shots scheduled for February have been canceled for lack of product.

Fortunately, President Trump’s “Warp Speed” program and fast reaction to COVID-19 brought in vaccines in record time. His policies made America energy-independent and our country safe and strong. He also put 5 million Americans back to work and found a way to pay the interest on the $22 trillion Biden/Obama U.S. bankruptcy debt that even our great-grandchildren couldn’t pay off. However, the big lie believers and corrupt media have inaugurated Howdy Doodie as president of our great country! Go figure. I am ashamed to be a registered Democrat.

Andrew Mahaney

Vietnam War Vet