A T-shirt that sparked a lot of controversy!

November 28, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Freedom of speech or sexism

Lately an amazing technological feat has been accomplished when mankind manage to land a spacecraft on a comet. This was exactly the one moment in human existence which should have been cherished and remembered and which should that been included in the history books as something remarkable and memorable. Unfortunately the man who was in charge of this landing either did not have a lot of fashion savvy or maybe he was ill informed by those who have been arranging the media coverage of this spacecraft landing. Because he appeared at this media event in a T-shirt which was decorated with pictures of scantily clad women. This has caused a tremendous outrage by people who are involved in the feminist movement because they claim that the fact that this much respected scientist has been wearing this T-shirt was a blatant act of sexism.

A remarkable scientific achievement became a platform for feminists

I am not saying that men should not have respect for women but the undeniable truth of the matter is that there are millions of woman who has been exploiting their feminism for many centuries and a very large amount of those women has been making a living because of that exploitation. Everyone knows that this is a problem which we are all acutely aware of. However the landing of a spacecraft on a comet is something which has never been achieved in history and therefore here was an excellent opportunity to celebrate the persistence and the extraordinary human talent which was at work in achieving this remarkable objective. Unfortunately this historic event has been tainted because of the indiscretion of a one individual. Instead of commending this amazing scientist for a remarkable achievement he has been harassed publicly because of the T-shirt that he was wearing.

T-shirts just like everything else can be used for good or evil

Just like this above-mentioned T-shirt has created a global stir among people in the feminist movement and also other individuals who have themselves mothers, sisters and wives in the same way T-shirts can be used to spread laughter and communicate personal interests which can be to the benefit of all people. One example is the T-shirts which are often used during public elections and which makes a statement in favor of the specific party by whom they are being used. However there are often also T-shirts which are promoting actions and attitudes which are not so positive and which are able to impact negatively especially upon our vulnerable youths.

A T-shirt by itself is neither good nor bad

There are many manufacturers of printed T-shirts who understands this and who are doing all in their power to use their T-shirts as an medium through which people can be motivated and inspired. There are those T-shirts with Bible verses printed upon them and you get others which are displaying remarkable quotes which have been made by prominent historical figures. The fact remains that there are a lot of excellent qualities in T-shirt design and at the end of the day it will depend on what they might be used for that will really matter.