State-by-State List of Recreational Fun Allowed During Quarantine in Australia

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April 10, 2020Updated: April 10, 2020

The CCP virus pandemic has sapped the fun from life, with no end in sight for many months. Quarantine restrictions came hard and fast over the last several weeks and the impacts are still playing out.

Staying at home is easier for some than others, so for those who enjoy outdoor activities here is a list of what is allowed in each Australian state.

If you are a beachgoer, birdwatcher, golf lover, or bushwalker, the good news is that these activities are still allowed—with caveats.

New South Wales

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Maroubra beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is closed to the public on March 22, 2020. (Mark Evans/Getty Images)
  • Beachgoing: Most of the popular beaches in Sydney are closed, including all beaches in Waverley and Randwick in the eastern suburbs, as well as beaches at Manly and Dee Why in the northern suburbs.

Other beaches are open for exercise and limited to a two-person group or as a family from the same household. A reminder before you slip-slop-slap—sunbaking is not regarded as exercise.

  • Bushwalking: Most popular national park areas are closed. Any that are open are exclusive to the local communities, and only in groups of no more than two, except for family members from the same household.
  • Cycling: Allowed, with the same two-person or household restriction that applies at beaches and for bushwalking.
  • Fishing: Allowed, only for exercise purposes. Any gathering that ignores social-distancing rules will incur fines.
  • Golf: Allowed, but only for groups no more than two.
  • Tennis: Allowed, but only for singles games.


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St Kilda Beach is closed amid the CCP virus pandemic in Melbourne, Australia. March 28, 2020. (Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images)
  • Beachgoing: Some popular beaches are closed, including St Kilda Beach, Rye Front, Ocean Beaches, Bells Beach, Anglesea Main Beach, and Lorne Main Beach. Non-group exercises are allowed on other beaches, such as running or walking a dog.
  • Bushwalking: Some national parks are closed, including the Grampians, Alpine, and Wilsons Promontory. However, Great Otway National Park and Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park are partially open for the local community, and for exercise only. Other parks and reserves remain accessible for exercise with strict physical distancing rules in place.
  • Cycling: Only solo, two-person, and household group rides are permitted. Organised training or group rides are not allowed.
  • Fishing: Banned.
  • Golf: All golf courses are shut for the Easter weekend.
  • Tennis: Restricted, with “communal use” of tennis balls and racquets.

Queensland (Inter-suburb activities are strongly discouraged)

The Queensland Department of Environment and Science has posted an update on its website detailing closures due to the CCP virus.

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Local fishing fleet docked at Mooloolaba Wharf on March 31, 2020. (Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)
  • Beachgoing: Three Gold Coast beaches—The Spit, Surfers Paradise, and Coolangatta—are shut. People can exercise (including surfing) at other beaches if living within walking distance.
  • Bushwalking: Some national parks are fully closed and most are partially closed.
  • Cycling: Allowed for essential needs, including exercise, riding to workplaces, schools, medical care facilities, and shops. You can ride alone, with one other person, or with those from the same household.
  • Fishing: Boats can be taken out locally to catch fish for food. Boats can also be used to travel for essential reasons, with no more than two people, or immediate family members onboard.
  • Golf: Some courses open, with groups limited to two people. One person allowed in a golf cart at a time.
  • Tennis: Tennis Queensland recommended that all tennis clubs close.

South Australia

  • Beachgoing: All beaches are open but people are urged to stay away. Exercise is allowed but restricted to groups of two. Sunbaking is possible for groups under 10 people—one person per four square meters.
  • Bushwalking: Most parks are open for bushwalking but people are encouraged to only visit those nearby to where they live, and limit the group size to two people where possible. Some parks are totally closed, including Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island, Naracoorte, and Tantanoola Caves in the southeast.
  • Cycling: Allowed, but is limited to groups of no more than two. People are encouraged to cycle only with their family members.
  • Fishing: Recreational fishing is allowed from shore and on boats.
  • Golf: Some courses are closed. For those remaining open, no group over 10 people is allowed.
  • Tennis: Some courts are open, with restrictions on group size.

Western Australia

  • Beachgoing: Preston Beach in the Shire of Waroona is closed. Vehicle access is restricted at White Hills and Tims Thicket beaches in Mandurah to deter holidaymakers. For other metropolitan beaches that remain open, strict social distancing rules apply.
  • Bushwalking: National parks are open, except for some sites within parks that normally receive high visitor numbers.
  • Cycling: Allowed, with two-person groups or with those from the same household.
  • Fishing: Not encouraged.
  • Golf: Many courses are open but Cottesloe, Joondalup, Sun City, and The Cut are among the top-rated courses that are closed in the metro area. Some country clubs, including Bremer Bay, are closed. The same two-person or single household rule applies.
  • Tennis: Decisions to close are up to local governments or private operators.

Northern Territory

  • Beachgoing: All beaches are open, with police enforcing a limit of 10 people, but encouraging no more than two people, or family-only groups.
  • Bushwalking: Most national parks are closed, including Kakadu and Uluru Kata Tjuta.

Some in Top End and Central Australia remain open, including Casuarina Coastal Reserve, Charles Darwin National Park, George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, Fogg Dam, Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve and part of West MacDonnell National Park.

  • Cycling: Allowed on roads, legally required to be in groups up to 10 persons, and advised to limit it to two-person groups.
  • Fishing: Only two people allowed per boat or households. Advised to delay trips and return later if ramps crowded.
  • Golf: All 11 courses in NT ordered to close.
  • Tennis: Banned.


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Woollahra Golf Club in Sydney, Australia on April 2, 2020. (Matt King/Getty Images)
  • Beachgoing: Beaches in national parks and reserves are shut, while council-controlled beaches remain open.
  • Bushwalking: All national parks and reserves are closed.
  • Cycling: Allowed under distancing rules.
  • Fishing: Maximum of two people allowed on day-fishing trips and the seafarers must return to their primary residences. Boats can only be launched from the municipality of the owner’s primary residence.
  • Golf: Only allowed for socialising purposes, with a limit of two people per hole—a maximum of 36 people on an 18-hole course.
  • Tennis: Tennis Tasmania recommended all tennis stop temporarily.

The Epoch Times reporter Sophia Jiang contributed to this report.