A New Year’s Eve Poem: ‘The Pendulum’ by Lee Ubis Cardew

December 31, 2013 Updated: April 24, 2016
The pendulum o’ th’ old grandfather clock goes back
and forth, and forth and back, and back and forth, and forth
and back, again, again, again. It stays on track,
and oscillates both east and west, or south and north,
depending which way its positioned in the room.
It is as regular as thunder thrown aft Thor
throws lightning through the air. With very little pomp,
its tick-tocks tack through drip or boom, for droop or bloom.
It metronomic’lly goes on through rest or romp.
It keeps it up methodic’lly. Its only lack
is change, which it does only when it’s time to stop.
The above poem was submitted to The Society of Classical Poets.
Lee Ubis Cardew is an American poet living in Washington States.