A Mom’s Research (Part 6)

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
December 12, 2021 Updated: December 12, 2021

Thank you, “Mom” Chen, for another well-assembled, truth-soaked article about the transgender craze that’s threatening us and our kids [“A Mom’s Research: Staying Steady in the Swirl of Transgenderism” by Jean Chen, published in the Nov. 10–Nov. 16 edition]. “Mom” sparked a few further thoughts to consider as we hunt for answers to combat the hideous indoctrination our kids are being subjected to.

If it’s true that “desperate times require desperate measures,” then some might consider plucking their child(ren) from public school to enroll them in a safe homeschool environment, which doesn’t always mean “at home.” Since private school isn’t often an option, further research could reveal a local homeschool coalition that offers excellent curriculums minus the transgender brainwashing.

Before homeschool coalitions existed, my wife and I homeschooled our children at home.  Currently, we are homeschooling our children’s children. Many wholesome ideals our children deserve to learn can be found in such a climate. Ideals like unfiltered history, responsibility, a challenging and applicable curriculum, life skills, ethics, healthy social interaction, and critical thinking are a few of the obvious benefits, all without CRT, identity conditioning, or the liberal whims of a pledge allegiance to the LGBT flag.

Today, our middle-aged “children” are quick to tell the far-reaching, numerous, and positive impacts our homeschooling had on them. They know our efforts helped them prepare and be well-adjusted when entering young adulthood. If you’re like we were, we hesitated, thinking homeschool would be too big a sacrifice. To our surprise, it became a blessing and an enhanced opportunity to “be” a better parent to our child(ren).

Here’s another thought to consider: It’s a moving target to talk morality and ethics to our children without a standard to agree with and aim toward. Prayer helps us learn that God is real. Prayer also helps us understand Who God is and what He can, will, or won’t do based on His standard.  Without a doubt, God has a soft spot for children and also a hot button when they’re being exploited. Prayer inspires adults to be similar to God in character and deed, investing in, raising, and protecting our children with the same nourishing care God lavishes on us.

As parents, we understand how defenseless and easily influenced our children are. Knowing that others are taking advantage of our children’s temporary weaknesses ought to raise our hackles. Consider steadily affirming your daughter by insisting, “You are the prettiest young lady I know,” or your son with, “What a handsome young man you are.”

For those who have no other choice than to have their children remain in the public school system, vote your conscience. Consider finding or organizing an alliance of caring parents, then find a government or school board candidate who has a bully-proof, morally driven steely nerve mixed with a love for our children’s best, then consider throwing your support and involvement at him/her.

Get involved. Even a slight turn of the rudder is enough to change the ship’s course. Better yet, if you have the kind of heart I described above, then you consider being the candidate! I’m praying for you, our children, and our country because God is listening and God will answer.  Believing means doing.


Henry Burkert

North Carolina