A Loophole in iOS Lets You to Put Folders Inside Other Folders on Your Homescreen

March 7, 2015 Updated: March 7, 2015

When Apple introduced the ability to disable some of the animation effects that were bothering people in iOS 7, it also introduced a loophole in iOS that enabled a very cool little trick many iPhone and iPad users really enjoy. It wasn’t exactly Apple’s intention, but it also isn’t hurting anyone so Apple hasn’t seen a need to fix it.

We’re already on iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.2 is right around the corner, but many people still don’t know about this nifty little secret trick — so now it’s time to revisit it.

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Apple’s mobile devices are so great thanks in large part to the huge third-party app ecosystem that supports them. If you want to expand your iPhone or iPad’s capabilities in one of any number of directions, you need only look to the App Store.

Of course, all of those apps can clutter up an iOS device’s interface, so Apple introduced folders that allow users to store multiple apps in one place.

But what happens if you want to consolidate things even further?

Thanks to a handy secret trick, iPhone and iPad users can easily store folders inside other folders. This “nested folder” trick allows a new level of organization that would otherwise be impossible — and since any app can be opened using Siri or Spotlight, everything on your phone will still be accessible.

To see how the trick works, check out the video embedded below, which was posted recently by YouTube user “videosdebarraquito.”

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