A Little Dove

October 12, 2017 Updated: October 12, 2017

Some time ago, when I was home alone, I heard a flutter in the yard. Curious, I went outside to find out what was happening, and I saw a beautiful dove walking around the yard. But something was not well with her, the special way she moved, sometimes funny, sometimes different. She had lost a foot, but it was not an impediment for her so she ran and jumped all around.

I looked for grains and bread crumbs to feed her, then, I gave her water on a little plate and she, with her beak, took everything she could. Unexpectedly, the sun came out that winter morning, and my little dove looked for the heat, she was lying on the floor and spreading her wings…she seemed to give thanks for life.

My dove was coming almost every day to visit me and jumping as she could. She moved meekly around the yard and the kitchen—she knew and understood that there was a home and she was welcome to come in it, and her appearance was a great joy for me. Time by time, she became my friend, a messenger of love, of the hidden dreams that we all have hidden and that we would like to realize.

Many days went by and the little dove disappeared, as if by magic. Suddenly, I threw food in the yard and thought, maybe she would appear, but no, she did not come and I consoled myself thinking that maybe someday she would return.

Time passed and one afternoon, as I went up to the roof of the house to lay out clothes, I looked idly the blue sky. Thick clouds clouded the view, when suddenly a parade of birds crossed the sky—how beautiful it was to contemplate all that! I was surrounded by the soul and charm of nature.

Something made me come back to reality, a gurgling bird was somewhere. In that moment, my dove appeared on the ceiling playing with a beautiful black pigeon, she hurried through boxes and I could see that they were building a nest.

But my surprise was greater as I discovered three little, beautiful, white and black pigeons. They could scarcely stand on their weak legs, and my little dove would feed them in their beaks, what a tender scene!

Little by little they covered themselves with feathers, and they began to leave the nest. They walked more securely on their fragile legs and my little dove watched them from a distance, allowing them to learn to subsist and to fly by themselves, until, she saw them leave.

When I have bad days and the illusion begins to fade in my heart, I remember my beautiful white dove, who brought me with her an extraordinary lesson. No matter the limitations we may have or feel, no matter what we have or do not have, the important thing is to never lose the ability to fight, love, and share, you can always be happy when you have love to give.