A Hoax? Children ‘Satanic Rituals’ Videos Go Viral on YouTube

February 10, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Videos that to show two U.K. children making references to “Satanic rituals” has gone viral on YouTube, but is it real?

There’s speculation that the videos are merely a hoax, but regardless, the video is chilling nonetheless.

The two young children are seen talking about being allegedly sexually abused and are forced to partake in sacrifice rituals that involved teachers and other prominent officials. There’s about 20 videos of the children talking about the alleged rituals.

The videos have gone viral on YouTube and Reddit.

Conspiracy theory website Prison Planet alleges the video account “is almost certainly a hoax.” Other YouTube users weren’t so sure, however.

“These videos do NOT seem coached. If they are, then these children deserve an Oscar,” a YouTube commenter said.

Said another, “This is very scary stuff that should be investigated thoroughly just in case there is any truth to this video.”

However, if the videos are just a hoax (some users claimed the children were “coached” into saying the horrific things to get back at their father, who was mentioned as forcing the children into the acts), it’s still quite disturbing to get kids. One of the videos is called “Papa kills babies.”

Some people linked the children back to Jimmy Savile, the longtime radio DJ, who was accused by numerous people as being a predatory sex offender. Police said he assaulted at least least 450 victims aged eight to 47.