A Great Job—Hotel Explorer

February 14, 2010 2:38 am Last Updated: February 22, 2010 5:39 pm

“Ten-thousand yuan (US$1,464) every month with the privilege of lodging in luxurious hotels and no card punching for work” is a new job opportunity in China. Three lucky people out of 5,000 applicants got the job of being “hotel explorers” on Feb. 10. According to Chinanews.com.cn, they are Zhang Yumuo from Beijing, Zhuang Jing from Shanghai, and Li Jia from Xi'an.

Recently, qunar.com (qunar means “where do you want to go”), an online traveling- service Web site, offered this job through job-hunting sites such as Zhaopin.com, 51job.com, and ChinaHR.com, looking for hotel explorers. Qunar.com offers hotel and flight-booking services and experience sharing for the different tours. Hotel inspectors are expected to search out and explore unique hotels and to experience first-hand the recently opened ones. They get to stay in hotels for free from time to time, posting comments and recommendations on the hotels, taking care of e-mails from online users, doing interviews with media, maintaining personal blogs, and sharing first-hand pictures and videos of the hotels they explore.

Zhuang stood out from the thousands of interviewees because of her abundant experiences traveling and giving comments on her tours, according to the report on Chinanews.com.cn. The three people will sign labor contracts with qunar.com and become professional hotel explorers for the China Hotel Association.

The candidates needed only to be over 18 years. There was no gender restriction. There were also no requirements regarding educational background or previous work experience. The characteristics qunar.com looked for were: enthusiasm for traveling, good observational skills, and a willingness to try new things and share one’s views.

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