A Crab From Pet Market in China Found to Belong to New Species (Video)

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September 10, 2016 Updated: September 10, 2016

A market for buying and selling ornamental freshwater crabs has led to the discovery of a new species.  An international team located the crustacean at a collection site in southern China, an area which has become known for its eye-catching finds.

As a news release about the research states, “Despite superficial resemblance to an already existing freshwater crab genus, at second glance, the crab turned out to be quite distinct thanks to a unique set of features including the carapace, the gonopod and the relatively long and slender legs.”

However, the specimen was distinct enough at a molecular level to lead to the creation of a new genus and species. The crab has been described as having a maroon to dark brown carapace and reddish to purplish appendages.

The release reveals that “Interestingly, the adults are much more vivid compared to the juveniles.”  

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