A Country Gone Mad Needs a Counter-Revolution

October 26, 2021 Updated: October 26, 2021


If you think this country has gone mad, you’re absolutely right. And if you think things have a chance of improving any time soon, you’d better think again. Until the “progressive” wing of the Democrat Party is ripped out of our government, root and branch, we’ll continue down the road to hell, which turns out to have been paved not with good intentions but with malice aforethought.

Even though the next national elections are a year away, the time to start is now. We must not go quietly into that good night.

During the Trump administration, there was daily chatter on the left about the “resistance.” The cultural Marxists in the party hierarchy and their fellow travelers in the media made no bones about their contempt for the president, our republican form of democracy (“their” democracy was something else entirely, as we now know), and their wish to expel both Republicans and conservatives from the American body politic.

To that end, they used every weapon in their arsenal, including disputing the 2016 election, picking off Trump cabinet members like Mike Flynn, devising disinformation like the “Russian collusion” hoax and feeding it to their apparatchik house organs, the New York Times and the Washington Post, enlisting Big Tech to stifle their opponents, and impeaching Trump twice over nothing.

But let the right put up a fuss about anything and they’re immediately labeled “domestic terrorists,” free speech being among the many constitutional freedom that have been summarily abrogated by the absurd and unconstitutional panic over COVID-19.

Virginia and New Jersey

It’s time for the counter-revolution, and one place to start is in two off-year gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey. Jersey is probably too far gone down the path of punitive socialism to be competitive—early returns by both mail and in-person (yes, they’re already voting even though Election Day is not until Nov. 2) show registered Democrats outnumbering Republicans 237,000-77,000, with another 56,000 ballots from independents. But the incumbent, Phil Murphy, one of the worst of the fascist COVID overlords, is widely loathed from the pine barrens to the hill country, so perhaps challenger Jack Ciattarelli has a chance.

In Virginia, former Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe is trying to regain the governorship for a second, non-sequential term—Virginia’s governors can serve two terms but can’t directly succeed themselves—but a race that seemed his to lose just a few weeks ago now has become just that. The reclamation of Virginia—the birthplace of eight presidents—would sting the left badly and offer hope of reclaiming the Electoral College in 2024.

Hapless Joe Biden’s plummeting approval ratings—he’s so far underwater now he’d need a diving bell to resurface—have dragged former favorite McAuliffe down into a virtual tie with his hitherto unknown challenger, Glenn Youngkin.

McAuliffe, who has never lost his atrocious Syracuse, N.Y., accent, is a brazen carpetbagger and D.C. swamp creature who relies on the federal workforce in northern Virginia bedroom communities to put him over the top. But his temper—he stormed out of a TV interview the other day—and his insistence that parents should have no say in what their kids are being taught in the public schools have seriously damaged him with the electorate. In the meantime, real Virginians are propelling Youngkin to what looks like a photo finish.

Totalitarian Mask

If McAuliffe loses, the reason will be that he let the totalitarian mask slip, something the emboldened cultural-Marxist left is increasingly doing these days. Just look at the Biden administration itself: nominating a literal, Soviet-born communist and graduate of Moscow State University named Saule Omarova as comptroller of the currency, installing an accused eco-terrorist named Tracy Stone-Manning as the head of the Bureau of Land Management.

Meanwhile, we’ve just learned that the putative secretary of transportation, Pete Buttigieg, took two months of unannounced paternity leave, presumably to overcome his post-partum depression and to nurse the fraternal twins he and his same-sex partner recently adopted. In the meantime, the supply chains have collapsed, store shelves are reminiscent of Moscow in 1986 (I know, I was there), and the cargo ships off Long Beach can’t be off-loaded because of California’s environmental and employment laws.

And what are we to make of the surgically altered male who now calls himself Rachel Levine and was recently made a four-star transgender “admiral” of the Public Health Service? Four stars in the real Navy was the rank held by Chester W. Nimitz, the architect of the American victory in the Pacific that saw the Japanese rolled back from Pearl Harbor to Okinawa.

But then rank inflation is something we’ve come to expect from the left, which abhors and abominates the military and does everything it can to insult, degrade, and humiliate it. As Abraham Lincoln once said, calling a dog’s tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg; “Admiral” Levine is just the latest and (so far) most egregious example.

Inflicting Pain

Meanwhile, for the non-crime of “misgendering” the male child born Richard Levine who later himself fathered two children by calling him “him,” Republican representative Jim Banks of Indiana has been suspended by Twitter, which is now the official arbiter of wokeness, a tool of Democrat officialdom, a media echo chamber, and a merciless enforcer of political correctness. It needs to be abolished.

Elsewhere, we have Democrats decriminalizing crime in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles, where stores are closing thanks to a shoplifting epidemic, driving up energy prices in their quixotic attempt to impose “green energy” on the rest of us, destroying the domestic energy industry, and annihilating the sovereignty of the nation by throwing open the southern border as yet another giant “migrant” caravan of temporarily unarmed invaders makes its way through Mexico. (Don’t worry, they’ll acquire weapons soon enough.)

To top it all off, the Afghanistan debacle has proven that America is both toothless and worthless as an ally, its diplomatic corps more concerned with pronouns than policy, its president a stumbling shell of a man easily manipulated by the minions of his former boss, and happy to rule by executive order while maintaining a typically leftist “state of emergency” to give his actions a fig leaf of legitimacy.

The intention is to inflict maximum pain on the corpus of America—often in the guise of “care”—in order to punish it for its sins, to take it down a peg and humiliate it in front of the rest of an angry and resentful world that begrudges us our achievement but lacks either the talent or the willpower to emulate us.

In short, we live in a dangerous nuthouse and it has to stop and it won’t stop until it is stopped and it must be stopped. The gaslighting of America has been a calculated effort to turn the rest of us as crazy as they are, because misery loves company. Like Islam, “progressivism” demands submission; it is not enough that they can indulge their economic and sexual fantasies and psychological neuroses—we must join with them. And, better yet, pay for them.

If they really were trying to ruin the nation, what would they be doing differently? And what are we going to do about it?

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Michael Walsh is the editor of The-Pipeline.org and the author of “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace” and “The Fiery Angel,” both published by Encounter Books. His latest book, “Last Stands,” a cultural study of military history from the Greeks to the Korean War, was recently published.