A CCP High-Ranking Official Renounces CCP

By Jiang Bo
Jiang Bo
Jiang Bo
May 4, 2007 Updated: May 4, 2007

I am a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official.

Being immersed in the official circles of the CCP for so many years, I have long recognized its dirty true colors. Living among these official circles, nobody can stay pure. Everyone becomes corrupt in this environment as they fish for personal gains. If you wish to remain uncontaminated, you will immediately be regarded as different and cast aside. So in order to survive and secure a seat for yourself, you must voluntarily dye yourself the color of everyone else. Only by letting others see that you are as dark as they are can you be safe.

While enjoying the countless profits acquired through this political regime, I have long observed the CCP's true nature. In fact, the majority of individuals in this environment are just like me. The more benefit one receives from Party membership, the more thoroughly one can see through the CCP. This is why those in China who are so well off are the most desperate to leave the country. Though they are loath to give up their positions, which would allow them to profit temporarily, they struggle to send their wives, children and concubines abroad first, as they wait for the day they can grab a large enough sum to ensure a comfortable life abroad. They know all too well that the prosperity under this system is like a soap bubble—it can burst at any moment. Various social conflicts inside China are like a surging undercurrent, and they are becoming more and more powerful. A small portion receives the vast majority of the wealth, while those in the middle or lower classes subsist on crumbs.

As the CCP flexes its muscle with an army of several millions of soldiers, armed police and public security officers, on the surface it looks as solid as iron, but in reality a dynastic change is inevitable. Who gain the common aspiration of the people, who can rule the world. The CCP initially swindled support from the people with lies to gain power. Since it has already lost public support, its collapse is only a matter of time.

I've heard various prophesies concerning the downfall of the CCP, and I believe them beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Because of how familiar I am with the CCP, when the CCP Renunciation Center mobilized me to withdraw, I agreed without hesitation. It can be counted as following the mandate of Heaven to be a talented person.

I'd like to advise my corrupt colleagues inside the CCP to recognize the situation, and quit the CCP with a pseudonym. Volunteers from the CCP Renunciation Center say that withdrawal from the CCP can ensure one's safety; as the CCP must pay for the karma of its past, its destruction is definite. I am not fully certain of this, but I choose to follow this advice and not become a scapegoat when the CCP truly disintegrates. Anyone familiar with the history of the CCP knows that very few loyal to it had met with a good end. Like the red guards during the Cultural Revolution and the Gang of Four, which were merely used by Mao Zedong to eliminate dissidents. After they served their purposes, it was their turn to be eliminated. Look at how many people had to be sacrificed to ensure Mao's success. Even his second in command, Liu Shaoqi, was persecuted and died like a dog. Also, take a look at Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang [Chinese leaders who were punished for their attempts of political reform]. So consider an escape route. When the CCP is put on trial, I will be the first one to jump onto the stage and laugh at it!

The CCP Renunciation Center regards me a one of the “big fish,” and encourages me to write more. To my shame, though I have spoken countless of times to hundreds of people in conferences over the years, most of the speeches were written by my secretaries. This statement, however, I definitely do not dare to leave to the speech writers.

I am unable to compose profound documents like the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party . I do not know who wrote this work, but I admire him for his extraordinary talent. I've had several secretaries write materials for me, yet even the best of them fall far behind him. This work thoroughly exposed the CCP. I dare say: if all Chinese people read this work, the CCP will soon collapse!

Jiang Bo