A Big Compliment to Naomi Wolf and Lori Roman

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
September 1, 2021 Updated: September 1, 2021

Please allow me to offer a big compliment to the two co-authors of your recent article about Social Media censorship [“Left and Right Should Unite to Stop Censorship” by Naomi Wolf and Lori Roman, published in the July 28–Aug. 3 edition].

It has been a component of my anxiety and depression for quite a while now when I allow my mind to dwell on it, the horribly ugly fact that some out-of-control corporations have literally SILENCED a very popular former president of the United States that THEY did not like—and they did so with barely a whimper from the so-called leaders in D.C. or the mainstream media.

I am sending my sincere compliments to both women for their excellent article. And I wish to let them know that I am especially proud of them for emphasizing that this is a threat to ALL political persuasions. Our 1st Amendment rights are under attack by crazed moguls and dumb political hacks in the media who are enjoying their power—for now. What they don’t realize, and what these intelligent, cooperative authors do realize, is that we’re all frogs in the same pot of hot water.


Sharon Hendrickson