Petty Note Left on First Responder Vehicle for Parking in Private Space

April 4, 2018 Updated: April 4, 2018

Paramedics were taken aback after finding an irate note on their windshield for parking their ambulance in a private car space when they were responding to an emergency call.

The first responders from Bodmin, England, were attending to a patient in Cornwell who had an allergic reaction and may have choked to death if the paramedics arrived too late, reported The Sun.

Epoch Times Photo
A first responder vehicle. (Bodmin Responders/Twitter)

After spending just under two hours helping the patient, the first responders returned to their vehicle to find a message hand-written in capital letters on a piece of scrap paper.


The ambulance service tweeted a picture of the message and described the incident as “very disappoint[ing].” They said that the vehicle had an official sign clearly displayed in the windscreen which identified it as a “first responder” vehicle.

“Just cleared from the 3rd and final call of the day, a patient with a possible allergic reaction. On scene for just under 2 hours then come back to the car to find this – despite the “Ambulance Service First Responder” sign clearly displayed in the window. Very disappointed,” Bodmin Responders wrote in their tweet on March 31.

In another tweet, the ambulance service expressed their frustration after they were asked to move their vehicle whilst in the middle of attending to a patient.

“Further to the last tweet, the crew were also asked to move the ambulance whilst in the middle of treating the patient. Why don’t people realise that we are there to help you, which sometimes means parking wherever necessary – we’re not here to cause an inconvenience!” they wrote on March 31.

Social media users were quick to condemn the author of the note and provide their support for the paramedics.

“So sorry this happened. Remember so many MORE of us very much appreciate the amazing amount of life-saving work done by first responders,” one social media user wrote.

“Unbelievable, some people. Just ignore. Move on. Keep making a difference,” another social media user said.

“This is becoming a common problem. Some people really have no compassion. If it was one of their loved ones or even themselves who needed [help], I’m sure they would think differently about sticking a note on the window screen of the one who is treating them,” another social media user argued.

Weeks earlier, paramedics had received more abusive notes during two separate incidents in the U.K, reported 7News.

In February, a woman in England left a note on an ambulance asking them to move their vehicle from outside her house.

“I couldn’t give a [omitted] if the whole street collapsed. Now move your van from outside my house,” the note said.

In the other incident, paramedics were flabberghasted to find an aggressive note on their windshield.

“You may be saving lives but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive,” the note read.



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