9 Most Despised Groups of People in China Explained

February 15, 2014 Updated: February 13, 2014

In recent years, the gap between rich and poor has continued to expand in mainland China, and mass social conflicts and protests are increasing along with it. 

Internet users have analyzed the reasons why the following nine groups of people are hated by citizens in society. 

1. Officials and Civil Servants
There is no doubt that officials and civil servants top the list. Civil servants have even complained about not being paid enough and demanded a salary raise. This corrupt group consists of people who don’t serve the public interests and, in addition, use the power entrusted in them to line their own pockets, gain more power, and corrupt local government.

2. Members of People’s Congress 
Members of the People’s Congress not only do not represent the people’s interest but also often come up with motions that are labeled as “brain-dead” by the people. Many members only represent the interests of the elite. 

3. High Profile Billionaires
This elite group has lots of money and love to show off. Recently Chen Guangbiao went to United States to try and buy the New York Times. What he got in return was a wave of mockery from China’s media. 

However, this rich group label those who detest them as being jealous and having “hatred toward the rich,” instead of considering that the hatred is deserved due to their wealth being generated through unethical means. 

4. Economists
Economists are condemned because most of them are on the payroll of the rich or made famous by privileged interest groups. They understand in their hearts that only by speaking on behalf of the special interest groups will their beds be padded with money.

Economists rely on fooling common people to make a living. 

5. Public Intellectuals 
Public intellectuals are supposed to represent the social conscience. This may have been the case in the past, but now they’ve traded their conscience for personal benefits, and on this level, they are the same as the economists. 

6. Experts
In recent years, as soon as an expert would speak up on the Internet on a certain topic, people would find that the opinion of the so-called expert opposes the general public’s opinion. Corrupt officials now often use experts to justify their wrongdoings. For example, in their expert opinions, people who petition for their rights have mental problems. 

7. Immoral Celebrities 
This group of people have actually become rich and famous as a result of being condemned by the public. They have no shame because lewd and immoral acts are how they obtain more publicity, which generates more wealth. Worse than them are their managers and the media who made them who they are. 

8. Real Estate Developers
In China, there is a lot of collusion between local government officials and real estate developers. By working side by side they steal property from the people. They have ruined untold lives and caused much bloodshed. 

9. State-Owned Enterprise Executives
Including all state banks, the three state oil and gas companies, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and the State Grid Corporation of China, these companies thrive on having a monopoly and the constant hiking of fees and prices. While the people are putting up with all the unreasonable charges from these state companies, their executives and staff are showing off their high wages and great employee benefits.

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Written in English by Christine Ford.