9 Facts About the 2013 NYC Marathon

By Kristina Skorbach, Epoch Times

1. Over 135 live bands and entertainment acts, an average of five per mile, will play from the sidelines. There is a large stage set up in Central Park to greet the finishers. There will be something for everyone: rock, folk, rap, blues, rhythm and blues, punk, indie rock, house, country, and funk.

2. The organizers have 55,000 medals prepared for those who cross the finish line, although up to 48,000 finishers are expected this year. 

3. This highest percentile of the participants in this year’s race is between 40 and 49 years of age, making up more than a third of all those who registered, or 19,814 entrants.

4. Aside from U.S. participants, the next biggest group of participants is from France, with more than 3,300 residents participating in this year’s race. The second largest international group is from Germany, with 1,896 people enrolled in the race. 

5. Other than professional athletes, many recreational runners will try to complete in the 26.2-mile run. Among them, most runners work in administrative and managerial positions, with 3,844 people enrolled.

6. An essential part of any marathon is, of course, hydration. This year’s sponsor Poland Springs will provide just that. There will be 93,600 bottles of water at start of the race, there will be another 32,040 gallons of water throughout the course, and an additional 56,000 bottles of water in the finisher’s recovery bags.

7. The New York City marathon was established in 1970 and the entrance fee was only $1. That year 126 males and one female participant competed in the race. Of the 127 people, 55 males reached the finish line.

8. Since the marathon began over four decades ago, 956,171 people have enrolled in the marathon and 923,991 people have completed the race.

9. Although most of the entrants are between 40 and 49 years of age, the marathon has seen its fair share of older participants. Jonathan Mendes, 93, was the oldest male entrant of the race, while Joy Johnson, 86, was the oldest female entrant.