80-Year-Old Man Caught After Robbing Bank in Arizona

January 16, 2018 Updated: January 16, 2018

Tucson police caught an 80-year-old man after he robbed a credit union on Jan. 12.

Robert Francis Krebs walked into the Pyramid Credit Union in Tucson, Arizona, with a gun and demands for cash. After he took the money from one of the tellers witnesses saw him running away from the bank, ABC News reported.

On Jan. 13 an employee of a local hotel called police after recognizing the suspect from earlier in the day, but the suspect never checked in. Police scoured other hotels and motels in the area before finding Krebs, according to a Facebook posting from the Tucson Police Department.

Krebs was charged with two counts of armed robbery. Police initially suspected Krebs was in his late 60s. They credit the arrest to people who shared screenshots of security camera footage that they posted on social media.

Some commenters on the initial Facebook post thought that this might be a younger man in disguise.

“This is not an old man. It’s a mask. That’s how he was able to run. Check the bars tonight. He’ll be buying drinks and then he’ll be buying meth,” wrote Ren Garlmsi.

“This is a young man in a silicon cast realistic mask. They are just a couple hundred bucks and VERY convincing. They move with the muscles of the face and look very real,” wrote Joseph Carpenter.

Other commenters couldn’t believe he got away with it, at first.

“You mean to tell me this 80-year-old guy robbed the bank??? You guys need a new security guard, and tellers,” Danny Oliver.

Many commenters also thought he was inspired by “Going in Style,” a movie last year about three retirees who attempt to rob a bank over frozen pensions.

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