80-Year-old Grandmother Makeup Transformation Stuns the Internet

By Chika Dunu, Epoch Times
May 9, 2016 Updated: May 9, 2016

An octogenarian Croatian grandmother received a glamorous makeover with the help from her makeup artist granddaughter, Tea Flego—a transformation that has stunned the internet. 

Flego uploaded a video onto her Instagram page of her applying makeup to her grandmother, Livia Mulac, who goes from red pigmented skin to a more made-up youthful facade complete with eyeshadow, false eyelashes and painted lips. The transformation has earned Mulac the nickname ‘Glam-ma’.

“Her transformation is really enormous, said Flego in an interview with U.K.’s Telegraph. “With a few skills and good contours, you can make a miracle. Blurring wrinkles is her favourite part of make-up, and for me is the hardest one. Drawing eyebrows, which she doesn’t have, we completed successfully too.”

She added: “Glam-ma is used to make-up and knows the results will be excellent. Every time she looks at herself after make-up she says ‘Holy [expletive]!'”


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In Flego’s earlier days as an aspiring makeup artist, Mulac would serve as her granddaughter’s guinea pig.

“My Granny was always my model,” said Flego, who uploads her work to her 60,000 Instagram followers on her account Make-Up By Tea Flego. “As I was growing up it was clear that I would be a make-up artist. She always loved make-up so it was not a problem for her [to be my model].”

Mulac has five children, 12 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren, and her newfound fame has made the nursing home resident a star among her peers.

“She said that she is proof that it is never too late to be famous, and the small place you come from is not important,” said Flego. “Every day I tell her where she was published and she can’t believe it. She is enjoying her popularity and says: ‘How beautiful it is to travel the whole world and not to set a step away from my nursing home.'”

As Mulac’s fame has risen, Flego’s business has as well, and she’s expecting a busy year. 

“After making up my grandma, a lot of other older ladies have made appointments for their make up,” she said.  


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