8-Year-Old Suffers Life-Changing Stroke Moments After Complaining About Headache

January 19, 2018 Updated: January 19, 2018

An 8-year-old Virginia boy is recovering from a stroke he suffered after complaining to his mother of a headache.

Doctors told Jamarion Bryant’s family that he suffered a stroke due to brain hemorrhaging, CBS 6 reported.

“He was like my head is hurting,” Jamarion’s mother Tiffany Curry told CBS 6. “We gave him ibuprofen and we went upstairs and not even four minutes after that he started screaming, screaming and crying, ‘mom help me, help me!’”

He was taken to the hospital and underwent 12-hours of emergency surgery to alleviate the bleeding and swelling in his brain on Jan. 4. Doctors attribute his condition to arterial venous malformation.

“It’s a life-threatening issue that many patients don’t survive,” said Dr. Marinello of the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, to CBS. “They were able to go into his brain and resect all of those weakened blood vessels and remove them to prevent them from bleeding and this happening again.”

An arterial venous malformation is when tissues in the brain cannot properly receive oxygen because the connection between arteries and veins is abnormal. It occurs in less than one percent of people, according to The American Heart Association.

Jamarion is recuperating in the hospital, unable to talk and with a weak left side of his body.

“His prognosis is very good,” said Dr. Marinello to CBS. “He did have a stroke, he will have some permanent effects from this, but because of his age he will likely regain a lot of the function he had before, but a lot of that is still yet to be determined.”

According to CBS, Jamarion, his 10-year-old brother, and another relative found his grandfather dead days before Christmas. The grandfather died of a heart attack.

The family set up a Youcaring fund to help pay expenses while Jamarion recovers.

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