7-Year-Old Boy Stole Car and Survives 100 mph Crash in Desperate Bid to See Mother

January 3, 2018 Updated: January 3, 2018

A 7-year-old boy from Inola, Oklahoma, miraculously survived a 100 mph crash without wearing a seatbelt on Dec. 26. He stole a car so he could go see the mother he has been separated from.

Chance Nichols had already stolen three other cars that week in a desperate bid to reach his mother, reported News9.

The boy’s father dropped Chance off at a friend’s house, where he took off in the homeowner’s Chevy Cruze, reported the news station, citing police.

While driving more than 100 mph, he ran off the road and flipped the vehicle three times without wearing a seatbelt in Wagner County, Oklahoma. Authorities noted that the Chevy Cruze had front and side curtain airbags that may have saved the boy’s life.

“Where was his dad, where was his … why was he alone?” mother Cyndi Nichols told News9, “Where was the parental guidance?”

“I know that he did this, he chose to pick those keys up. However, if he would’ve had the right parental guidance, he should not have been able to get to those keys,” said Nichols.

“Chance needs parental guidance and he doesn’t have it right now. He is like a 7-year-old on his own,” she added.

The 7-year-old was taken to hospital with head injuries but was in a stable condition, reported News9.

Nichols has been fighting for custody for three years now. She has only been allowed to see her son an hour a week, reported the news station.

“He is such a good, sweet little boy and he is so loveable he just needs that back. He needs to be loved back,” Nichols said.

During her visits at the hospital, she said her son told her that he was trying to get to her.

“In our visits, he always asks, ‘When am I gonna get to come live with you?'” Nichols told the news station.

“I will never give up. I will never give up until wrong is made right. Until that baby is home with his momma and with his family,” she added.

Chance’s father, who has not been named, told News9 that he’s shocked about the crash, but Chance’s mother is not a part of his life.

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