7-Month-Old Baby Dies After Mother Hits Her With Car

June 5, 2018 Updated: June 5, 2018

A California mother was taken into custody early on May 29, after she allegedly fatally struck her 7-month-old daughter with a car.

The police report states that Sarah Gomez was at a family gathering with the father of her child and the child. As they were heading back to their home, a few blocks away, Gomez was arguing with her boyfriend. The argument led to him stepping out of the car with their 7-month-old child in his arms, near the driveway to their home. Gomez then hit both of them with the car, according to the Ontario Police Department.

Gomez is 19 and her boyfriend is 21. He only sustained scrapes from the incident. All three ended up at the hospital. The child died from its injuries and Gomez was arrested. Detectives interviewed Gomez and took possession of her vehicle. She is being held at the West Valley Detention Center with bail set at $100,000, according to the police report.

Sgt. Jeff Higbee said the couple had been drinking leading up to the tragedy, via KTLA.

“When people have been drinking, especially if they had been drinking a lot, their ability to make decisions and be rational changes quite a bit. And this is just a horrible tragedy,” said Higbee.

The charges are likely to undergo changes as police investigate Gomez’s motives at the time, KTLA reported.

“At this point we’re still conducting the investigation, but she has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. It appears that it’s going to be an intentional act.”

Neighbors were also in shock.

“It just seems like it’s always the innocent one that ends up being the victim. The ones that are screwing up, they make it out. The poor innocent one is the one that pays the price,” said neighbor Erwin Anderson.

Gomez is scheduled to appear in court June 1.


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