7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Mar. 17

March 17, 2014 Updated: June 28, 2015

Malta: The restaurant where you pay what you feel food is worth

It is the least pleasant part of an evening dining out. The main course and the desserts are done and you are presented with the bill. Out comes the credit card or cash to pay the stipulated amount… and more in tips.

But a St Julian’s restaurant has come out with an innovative idea by actually letting the clients decide how much the food is really worth. …(Read more)

Times of Malta 


Germany: Can’t find a husband? So buy one

Suzanne Heintz got tired of being asked by family and friends when she would get married. Through her art she created a special kind of family. DW takes a look at Heintz’s “Playing House” project. …(Read more)



New Zealand: Closing the gaps: The great ethnic job divide

Maori and Pacific incomes still lag behind the national average, but a new spirit of Maori self-determination offers hope. Simon Collins reports in the first of a major four-part Herald investigation into closing our ethnic gaps. …(Read more)

The New Zealand Herald


France: Paris restricts car use to combat dangerous pollution levels

France is limiting vehicle use in the capital Paris on Monday amid a spike in pollution to health-threatening levels, only the second time the drastic measure has been introduced in nearly two decades. …(Read more)

France 24


Kazakhstan: Anti-cancer drinks to be produced in Kyzylorda Oblast

Kyzylorda city in southern Kazakhstan to partake in production of anti-cancer onion drinks that kill cancer cells, Tengrinews reports. …(Read more)

Tengri News


Finland: Finland’s judicial system among the world’s best

Finland’s judicial system has been ranked the world’s fourth best on the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index 2014.

The index, which surveyed 99 countries worldwide on how the rule of law is applied in day-to-day life, ranked Nordic nations Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland as the top four respectively. Finland was the leader in terms its criminal justice system, but came out fourth when all factors were taken into account. …(Read more)

Ice News


Denmark: Archaeologists make smelly discovery in Odense

Archaeologists made a stunning, if not stinky discovery during their excavations of I Vilhelm Werners square in Odense on Funen.

The digs revealed numerous latrine barrels dating back to the 1300s and still filled with their intended content, proving – among other things – that human excrement still has a putrid odour even if it is centuries old. …(Read more)

Copenhagen Post


 *Image of cafe in Malta via Shutterstock