7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: June 9.

By Tina Tatarková, Epoch Times

Germany: How the Brain Measures Time

For decades, chronobiologists have been searching for the pacemaker in the human brain – in vain. That is, until psychologist Marc Wittmann had a new idea. He believes the rhythm of the body’s internal clock could be driven by body functions such as heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing and other signals that the brain receives from the rest of the body. … (Read more)



Canada: High-functioning autism creating challenges in the public service

Suzanne Ford is often called into federal government offices when managers are frustrated and fed up with a worker.

“The person is looking at being terminated and it started as something as simple as the supervisor didn’t understand,” said Ford. … (Read more)

CBC News


Brazil: What R$3,000 Rents in Rio de Janeiro 2014

Rental prices in Rio de Janeiro have exploded during the past five years, making Zona Sul (South Zone) one of the most expensive areas to live in all of North and South America. Although the upward surge has slowed down, prices are still higher than they were last year, making it tricky to find accommodation in the city’s most popular bairros (neighborhoods) … (Read more)

The Rio Times


Iceland: Icelandic train station band a huge YouTube hit

Asked to think of an Icelandic musical act, the majority of people are likely to name Björk; other music enthusiasts may call out indie rock band Of Monsters and Men, who had a Number 1 hit on the US Billboard Alternative Songs chart in 2012.

However, in the past year a new group has shot to stardom in the most bizarre of fashion. … (Read more)

Ice News


USA: Secret millionaire behind HiddenCash giveaways revealed

He sparked mass treasure hunts across California after hiding hundred dollar bills in envelopes and posting online cryptic clues to their location under the Twitter handle HiddenCash.

But the donor remained anonymous, saying only that he was a member of the “one per cent” of richest Americans who wanted to “pay it forward” and share his wealth with others… (Read more)

The New Zealand Herald


Bhutan: The elevator rider

Tired of climbing the stairs to the fifth floor of your building?

The choice is to either move out to one with an elevator or hang on until the building owner installs one.

Thimphu thromde will not force building owners to install elevators, even if it is planned in the drawing when getting approval for construction. … (Read more)

Kuensel Online


Czech Republic: Drunken cycling leads to accidents

Every third Czech cyclist who causes a traffic accident is drunk, daily Právo writes today, citing from the police statistics saying that cyclists’ driving mistakes claimed 27 lives in 2013.

In fact, cyclists must obey the same rules as car drivers and alcohol drinking is forbidden for cyclists even on field roads … (Read more)

Prague Post


*Image of House at a fjord of Iceland via Shutterstock