7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: June 6.

By Tina Tatarková, Epoch Times

Germany: Fake news can ruin lives

Stopfake.org is a fact-checking website that uncovers news containing false information on Ukraine. DW spoke with its co-founder, Margot Gontar, about fact-checking and the danger of fake news.

Margo Gontar is the co-founder of Stopfake.org– a fact-checking website that was launched in March to check facts, verify information and refute false news about the events in Ukraine in the media. The service is staffed by volunteers.

DW: How do I go about determining whether news is fabricated?
Margo Gontar: You can submit it via a form that we have on the site. Or you can use our mail to send us information that bothers you. And so we later get to that and work with that. … (Read more)



Autralia: Moo-ving tale as cow saved from pool

A COW has been saved from drowning by firefighters who helped it out of a backyard swimming pool in the NSW Hunter Valley.

A woman returned to her Maitland home on Friday afternoon to find her dogs barking at the cow after it wandered through a gap in the fence and fell into the pool. … (Read more)

The Australian


Sweden: Sweden to host world’s first underground run

Hold onto your (hard) hats – Stockholm is set to hold the world’s first fun run far below the surface of the earth. “This is going to be a world-wide exclusive running experience that will take place up to 40 metres underground,” … (Read more)

The Local


Denmark: Hungry men go for larger women

Men opting for a liquid lunch ahead of going out to Distortion this evening in search of female companionship are more likely to find themselves attracted to women of the more curvy variety, according to a study … (Read more)

The Copenhagen Post


Oman: Super Dupers! Fake items in Oman’s markets

How about a brand new pair of Nike shoes for just RO 5? Super sleek, gold-tinted Ray Ban sunglasses, all yours for RO3! Or a Gucci perfume for just RO 2… a Louis Vuitton handbag for RO 5… a Rolex watch for RO 4! This and much, much, more is available all over Oman, for those who’d like to sport a popular brand without having to spend for it. … (Read more)

The Times of Oman


Austria: Largest vegan ‘egg’ to be fried in Vienna

Vienna will become the ‘vegan capital of Europe’ this weekend as it hosts the Veganmania street festival.
A highlight promises to be the appearance on Friday morning of vegan celebrity chef Chris Geiser – who will attempt to cook the world’s largest vegan fried egg in front of an audience … (Read more)

The Local


UAE: Video highlights violence through a child’s eyes

he Foreign and Commonwealth Office and illustrator Andy Baker produced the animated film to show the issue of sexual violence through the eyes of a child. 

An animation campaigning for an end to sexual violence has been released to coincide with the UN-backed summit on the issue.UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie, will co-chair the summit, which runs from the June 10th to 13th  at ExCel London. … (Read more)

Khaleej Times


*Image of beautiful view of famous Schloss Belvedere in Vienna via Shutterstock