7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: June 24

By Tina Tatarková, Epoch Times

Austria: Middle Eastern tourist guide withdrawn

A special cultural guide advising Arab tourists on how to behave when visiting the popular holiday destination of Zell am See-Kaprun in Salzburg has been withdrawn after it was criticised by Austrian and foreign media.

The eight-page guide featured tips, including the fact that Austrian shopkeepers don’t expect to haggle over prices, and that one shouldn’t cook in hotel rooms, or eat on the floor. … (Read more)

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Greenland: Huge ice structures discovered hidden beneath Greenland ice sheet

Massive ice structures as wide as Manhattan and as tall as skyscrapers have been discovered beneath Greenland’s ice sheet.

Researchers, using radar, learnt that the structures were not, as they had previously believed, rock, but actually ice. The structures were formed when ice at the foot of glaciers melted and then refroze in a process that takes centuries. The process could, according to the researchers, quicken the speed at which the glaciers drift into the sea. … (Read more)

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Czech Republic: Employees and employers disagree on workspace

Colliers International Czech Republic announces the results of its recently conducted workplace survey, in which both employers and employees in the Czech Republic indicated their preferences and priorities regarding office environment and work space.

Both men and women of all ages picked having sufficient personal space to work in (81.9 percent) out of 18 criteria to choose from as the most important physical aspect in creating the ideal office environment, according to the latest research … (Read more)

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Saudi Arabia: Saudi husband sets World Cup rules for wife

A Saudi football fan has reportedly asked his wife to follow a set of rules throughout the World Cup championship to ensure their marriage is not put at risk. And to stress that “prevention is better than cure”, the husband wrote down the rules and made copies that he placed in different areas of the house so that his wife does not miss or forget them… (Read more)

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UK: World’s forests fundamental to human well-being

A senior UN official has described the world’s forests as “fundamental” to human well-being and survival.

Eva Mueller, director of the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Forestry Division, said trees provided a direct source of food, fuel and income. … (Read more)



Switzerland: 80-kilometre hike ‘too much’ for pupils

A secondary school teacher who intends to take his 15-year-old pupils on an 80-kilometre walk through the night has been warned against the idea by the Swiss army…. (Read more)

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South Korea: Humorous take on Korean elegance

Koreans have certain stereotypical expectations toward those dressed in traditional clothes. In old Korean paintings, those wearing traditional hanbok are usually sitting calmly, sipping tea and appreciating beautiful mountain views.

Artist Kim Hyun-jung subverts such conventional perceptions of Korean painting. Her paintings show women in beautiful, elegant hanbok dresses playing pool, going rock climbing… (Read more)

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*Image of beautiful green forest via Shutterstock