7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: July 7

By Tina Tatarková
Tina Tatarková
Tina Tatarková
July 7, 2014 Updated: July 7, 2014

And once again, we set off for a quick trip around the world with interesting news that you probably won’t see anywhere else today.


UK: Are you a workaholic? Or simply hard working?

Working hard can win you acclaim and promotions. It can also hurt your health and family life. How do you know when to stop?

There are subtle differences between being a high performer and a workaholic. If free time leaves you feeling anxious or you are never satisfied with your work, you may just be working too hard. … (Read more)



South Korea: Art project celebrates Korea-Australia friendship

The Australian Embassy in Seoul on Tuesday launched the “Australia-Korea Friendship Tree” art project to celebrate 125 years of contact between South Koreans and Australians.

The project will explore the connection between the two nations through old and new artistic mediums…. (Read more)

The Korea Herald


Austria: First cancer immunotherapy for dogs

Scientists in Vienna have developed antibodies which can be used to treat cancer in dogs.

Nearly every second domestic dog aged ten and older develops some form of cancer.

A few therapies derived from human medicine are available for dogs, but until now a successful form of therapy by which antibodies inhibit tumour growth has not been available for animals. … (Read more)

The Local


Germany: Dreaming of freedom

A century of youth in Germany: from the Wandervögel to Hitler Youth, from hippies to Monday demonstrators – the role of young people can say a lot about a country’s attitude towards freedom and democracy. … (Read more)



Iceland: Biologist: Puffin Numbers Continue to Decline

There are signs that the puffin stock in Iceland is at great risk again this year. According to biologist Erpur Snær Hansen, who recently returned from a research trip around the country, studying the condition of puffins and other sea birds, there is a collapse of the puffin stock in Iceland … (Read more)

Iceland Review


Estonia: You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It With Maternity Leave

You cannot be on maternity leave for years and when returning to work, presume that you will get promotions and positions equal to your colleagues, who are usually men, Pille Gerhold, a researcher at the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences of the University of Tartu, writes. She argues that Estonia’s feminists are shooting their cause in the foot by supporting the country’s generous maternity leave policies.

I had a paradoxical experience. … (Read more)



Bali: Braille to help visually impaired voters

Visually impaired residents will be able to cast their vote on their own for the presidential election on July 9 thanks to a Braille template provided by the General Elections Commission . The commission promised that the upcoming presidential election would be easier for blind voters, unlike the legislative election held in April that caused them difficulties in exercising their political rights. … (Read more)

Bali Daily


*Image of  puffins on the rock – Iceland via Shutterstock