7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 7

January 7, 2014 Updated: January 7, 2014

Finland: “What a bubble I’ve been living in”: Discovering multicultural Finland

Investigative journalist Sam Kingsley shares his take on the outcome of an undercover documentary which tested how Finns really react to different groups in society. Kingsley and his native Finnish researcher quickly realised that life in Finland can take on a different tone, depending on colour and perceived ethnicity.



South Korea: ‘Work efficiency, time management key for female business leaders’

First female chief of Deutsche Bank Korea expects glass ceiling to gradually disappear over the next decade. Park Hyun-nam, the first female branch head of a foreign investment bank in Korea, does not believe women should be confined to “gentle leadership.”…

The Korea Herald


Poland: ‘Don’t stigmatize Poles’ foreign minister tells Cameron 

Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has fired off a series of tweets criticizing UK PM David Cameron’s idea to withdraw some child benefits from Polish migrants working in Britain. …

The News


Maldives: Government to introduce nationwide sea-ambulance service

The government has announced it is to start a sea ambulance service within two months and expand it nationwide within the year, Haveeru has reported.

In a press conference held to announce the service, Ministry of Defense Mohamed Nazim said it will be initially launched for four regions and later expanded to twenty three zones, covering the whole country. According to Haveeru, the service will be covered under the Aasandha national health insurance scheme.

“The objective is to take patients to a health center instead of bring them to Malé,” Nazim was quoted as saying. …

Minivan News


Indonesia: Nationalistic parties sell, but not Islamic ones

The history of modern Indonesian politics — represented by a series of political events in the post-1945 independence era to this day — has basically been characterized by a tug-of-war between nationalist and Islamic camps, the two largest societal elements in the republic. …

The Jakarta Post


Chile: Decadence, decay, and restoration: the many lives of Santiago’s ‘palaces’ 

In the midst of an economic boom in the late 19th century Chilean aristocrats attempted to rebuild the Old World in the young republic, now attempts are being made to restore their faded glory. …

The Santiago Times


Germany: Neo-Nazis get press cards to intimidate media

Neo-Nazis in Germany are increasingly using press cards to get access to media pools where they take pictures of journalists and other people and intimidate those who are fighting right-wing extremism.
Police usually ensure that neo-Nazis and counter-protesters keep their distance during demonstrations. Right-wing extremists, however, increasingly manage to overcome these barricades, but instead of applying force, they simply show their press badge. This card allows them to get up close with their enemies and journalists reporting on the event. Neo-Nazis videotape them and take pictures, and then threaten them. …