7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Feb. 25

By Tina Tatarková, Epoch Times
February 25, 2014 Updated: February 25, 2014

South Korea: Why coffee prices are skyrocketing

Coffee prices have increased in recent weeks due to unprecedented hot and dry weather in Brazil. The South American country produces nearly 40 percent of the world’s coffee. Prices were at $1.75 per pound on Monday, up 3 percent. According to Reuters, last week’s 20 percent surge was the largest one-week rally since December in 1999. …(Read more)

Korea Herald


France: Burgundy winemaker faces jail for refusing to use pesticides

An organic winemaker from France’s Burgundy region is due in court Monday for refusing to use pesticides on his vines despite a local government order.
Emmanuel Giboulot, who farms a 10-hectare estate in the region’s Côte d’Or wine-growing area, is accused of ignoring a local directive to spray his vines with pesticides to kill a leaf-hopping insect that spreads the “flavescence Dorée” bacterial disease. …(Read more)

France 24


Japan: Japanese archaeologists discover 3,000-year-old tomb with vivid murals in Egypt

Japanese archaeologists have unearthed a near-pristine tomb of a high-ranking Egyptian official who served as a temple’s chief brewer 3,000 years ago. …(Read more)

The Asahi Shimbun


Wales: Could it really have existed? Speculation over Wales’ lost kingdom under the sea

Images of an ancient forest in Ceredigion have re-ignited speculation of a lost kingdom. Sion Morgan asks if there is any truth behind the myth.
Pictures of a previously submerged Bronze Age forest at Borth, Ceredigion have been published around the world in recent days – re-igniting ancient theories surrounding their existence.
Unearthed by the recent storms, the strange tree stumps, dating from 1500BC, have until now only been visible at very low tide. …(Read more)

Wales Online


Greenland: Biological hot-spot

The North Water is rich in life. Narwhals, polar bears and seals in great numbers form the foundation for the existence of the region’s hunters. The larger whales are seen rarely, except the bowhead whale.
About 80% of the world’s population of Little Auks is linked with the North Water, and half of Greenland’s population of Thick-billed Murres breeds here. Some of the biggest colonies of Common Eider are also found in the North Water. …(Read more)

Greenland Today


Italy: We have to keep Italy’s fashion industry alive


I’d always liked Italy – I’d learned Italian as a second language at school. That’s because I already spoke French and thought I may as well pick up another language. The grammar was similar to that of French. Italian is beautiful and musical language – and it’s also a very good language to get angry in.

In my gap year before university, I went to Florence for a year to work as a nanny. Then, as a student, I worked as a tour guide in Rome, Florence and Venice. …(Read more)

The Local


Jakarta: Mothers donate breast milk to those in need

Renny Sutiyoso, daughter of former Jakarta governor Sutiyoso, is blessed with the ability to produce more breast milk than her baby daughter Kianna needs.

“When I uploaded a picture of my four refrigerators full of breast milk to Instagram, a friend saw it and suggested that I donate the milk to other babies,” she said recently. …(Read more)

The Jakarta Post