7 Beauty Blogs to Help You Shine

By Tina Tatarková, Epoch Times
January 28, 2014 Updated: January 29, 2014

Beauty blogs are about more than makeup tips and hair-care tricks; they are places to discover different perspectives on personal care and to discover new things.

Here are seven of the best blogs out there.

1. Makeup and Beauty Blog

Karen’s Makeup and Beauty blog really radiates her love of writing and the sense that she lives through words. She spends 10 to 12 hours a day writing her articles, really immersing herself in her blog.

She provides daily beauty tips and product reviews. She describes her blog: “[It’s kind of] like an interactive version of a monthly print magazine, except with occasional pictures of my cat.” Founded in 2007, it has became one of the most respected blogs in its field.


2. The Beauty Department

Amy and Kristin are the two inseparable components of The Beauty Department, one of the largest and most respected beauty blogs in the world. Amy specializes in tutorials and makeup, while Kristen specializes in hair, nails, and styling. The blog has tons of useful tips, and also noteworthy is the great graphic design of its guides—simple, clear, and aesthetic.


3. She’s in the Glow

Annie’s easy style of writing and interesting topics make her blog an exceptional place. But paradoxically, Annie is a makeup minimalist; she says it is totally acceptable to go to a meeting or a party without any makeup on at all. She tries to cultivate a natural glow with a lifestyle that leads to beauty without makeup. She likes to practice yoga and drink plenty of pure fruit juices. It is clear that you will find here beauty tips much different  than those on most beauty blogs.


4. Mia’s Asian Beauty Secrets

Mia from NTD Television’s Asian Beauty Secrets is a sweetheart, and I must admit—she is my blog girlcrush. Her beauty topics are focused on cosmetics, makeup tutorials, and very diverse beauty tips—such as how to deal with acne, how to properly clean your skin, or how to choose and apply perfume.

Moreover, she writes about the beauty from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. You can learn about face-massage with jade Chinese spoons or when the best time is to wash your hair from the perspective of the yin-yang principle.

But most significant is Mia’s cheerful expression, soft voice, and beauty. This is what makes this blog a place people are happy to return to, whether for advice or for a little lift in spirits. 


5. Zoella

Zoe is only 22, and her blog is immensely popular. It is mainly focused on beauty, but she also features fashion posts. Her blog is written in a personal style, showing her life, outfits, pets, and featuring popular products. So how does she get so many followers? It could be her beauty and lovely personality—she acts honestly and amicably. In addition to the classic blog platform, she also has a Youtube channel.


6. Cupcakes and Cashmere 

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere is already well-known all over the internet. She has more than 200,000 followers on Facebook and a large, active community on her blog. The spirit of the blog is well represented in the name; it is about the pleasurable aspects of life, whether in beauty and fashion or in good food (particularly small delicacies). It’s a lifestyle blog with a focus on beauty. The bright design with fresh, soft pastel colors, make this blog the virtual equivalent of a light, fragrant breeze.

This smiley, blonde Aussie has long-term affiliation with cosmetic brand Estee Lauder and she has already published a book dedicated to her blog.


7.  Cult of Pretty

Ann Colville reviews the most unusual and innovative beauty products. She is a pioneer in the search for new cosmetic trends. You could say it’s like the hipster community has found its favorite beauty guru.

Ann usually gives a very positive evaluation of the product, usually featuring products you either didn’t know existed, or if you did know they existed you never really thought about trying them before.

For example, she features a homemade ​​moisturizer made in Brooklyn with only three ingredients. Ann writes: “I look hard to find things I really love (and due to my job, I’m always looking—sometimes in the strangest places—for great products).”