7 Amazing Experiments With Dry Ice

April 30, 2019 Updated: April 30, 2019

In this 3-minute compilation video, watch seven amazing tricks with dry ice. Each of the seven tricks is caught on camera and millions of people have already seen them performed.

As the video plays, watch as dry ice is used to make domes and bubbles, explode water bottles, overflow soda containers suds, and react differently with hot stove tops and containers. In each scenario, clouds of vapors from the reactions are shot up into the air, flowing out of containers and off tables, or even down stairwells as the reactions grow.

The video has been going viral around Facebook, with millions of viewers expressing awe at these seven dry ice tricks. Most people remember interacting with dry ice at some time and it has become a fun tool for homemade science experiments. These tricks demonstrate a mastery of dry ice and how it reacts with other substances and objects, creating cool special effects that have left viewers hitting that share button and tagging their friends in the video’s comment section. Watch the video for yourself to see why so many people are stunned by these dry ice effects.

Credit: Newsflare