6 Social Media Tools Every Business Should Use

May 28, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

There is no need to stress about the importance of social media management; however, it is essential that you’re using the right tools for successful management. You already know that effective marketing campaigns need an alignment of goals, time, budget and more in order to get your business’s presence noticed. You should realize that social media marketing is a never-ending dark tunnel that needs continuous exploring in order for you to have success, but certain social media tools will save time while being incredibly useful.

Let’s explore the list of the top 6 social media tools every business should use for enhancing business output and optimized time:

  1. Postplanner – it is a Facebook management tool that assists in automated content sharing on your Facebook Page. You have the ability to determine the popular blogs and effectively display those in a queue for afterward delivery. It easily handles the content in your queue and posts it based on pre-established times.
  2. Social Count – you receive essential information about what the top sharing content on your website is, with the collection of relevant data from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You only need to plug in your website URL with this tool to receive the sharing of your posts on the various social networking sites.
  3. SumAll – Is a great integration tool with popular platforms such as Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter. What is great is that you have the option to select your preferred statistics after integration of this tool across social media platforms, and it procures data and insights by displaying data into a central dashboard as well as a weekly emailed report.
  4. BuzzSumo Alerts – Buzzsumo is integrated with impressive features in managing various social media accounts and you receive an email when a post appears as a most-shared post or goes viral.
  5. Social Hunt – you will never miss important updates from your targeted audience and you can monitor a group of profiles. There is no need to manage social media accounts individually as it pulls out updates of followers from different social media accounts on a daily basis.
  6. Buffer – offers one clean, intuitive, and simple interface for all social media accounts on one single dashboard and offers post sharing, analyzing, and scheduling amongst its features.

 All of the above tools are great for business owners who have some knowledge of social media marketing and have the time to implement a social media marketing strategy on their own. But what if you have little knowledge, little time, or little desire to manage your business’s social media strategy. Another option would be to utilize a social media management company. Procuring the services of a company to manage your social media will simplify your social media marketing strategy and allow your company to focus on other aspects of growing a business.